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We offer a number of different services for you and your trees.  Our specialties are listed below, with brief descriptions.  Click on each title or scroll down for more details about an individual service.
Trimming is what it sounds like, we will trim your trees to keep them healthy and beautiful, potentially raising your property values, and ensuring the health of your trees for years to come.
Sometimes a tree just has to come down, whether because it is unhealthy or dangerous, is in a bad location, or one of a number of other reasons.  We will remove your tree carefully and professionally, and ensure your property is as clean when we leave as  it was when we began.
Storms can do some major damage to your trees.  Broken and cracked limbs, split trunks, and sometimes the tree will even fall.  We can clean up the mess and prune the tree to restore it to its former beauty, or if necessary remove the tree entirely.
We have staff on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - Yes, 24/7! - to take care of your trees when there is an emergency. Dial our number and select Option 2 any time for emergencies.
Now that the tree is gone, what to do about that stump? Let us handle that for you. We can make it go away completely and quickly so you can have your lawn back!
Snow is beautiful, as long as it is not covering your parking lots and sidewalks. We have the skill and specialized equipment necessary to efficiently clean your property to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.
Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is one of the most important yet most overlooked and underperformed parts of the maintenance of a tree.  Trimming trees helps them to grow not only a nice shape and healthy appearance, but also a strong and healthy crown and root system.  When we trim a tree, we not only trim it for shape and appearance, but we also remove dead, dying, diseased, damaged, and crossing branches - anything that would be detrimental to the health and longevity of the tree, as well as the safety of those around the tree.  

There are many different reasons people trim trees, whether to raise the level of the lower branches to allow more light in underneath and allow better access underneath, to remove a hazardous limb that may be threatening your house, to thin out the branches in the crown to reduce the weight of the tree and allow more light to penetrate and thereby allow for a nicer lawn beneath the tree, or to improve the shape and overall appearance of your tree.  Whatever your reasons, Reaching Higher is the company to call. Our experienced staff will trim your trees properly, according to the current standards of care set forth in the ANSI A300 Standards of Care, and will leave your property clean and damage free, every time.
Tree Removal
Trees are wonderful creations, beautiful and majestic, until they become dead or damaged, and then they become massive liabilities, which can be deadly hazards or at a minimum, unattractive nuisances.  We have the trained and experienced staff you need to safely remove these trees before they crash through the living room window in a storm one night, or take out the neighbor's car in his driveway one snowy day.  

Our staff will visit your property, assess your trees, and provide you with recommendations as well as pricing, and will safely and professionally remove your tree, to the ground, without damaging your home, your fence, or your car.  We have ground protection mats available to use when necessary to protect your lawn as well, so that we do not even damage your grass, so that means we can work at your home even if the ground is soft and do it without leaving deep ruts all over! When we are done, we will clean up your lawn, raking up all the sticks and leaves, so that all that remain are the memories of the tree that once was.
Storm Damage
Storms are hard on trees.  A big storm can blow down some branches, splinter a trunk, or even uproot a whole tree.  When that happens, Reaching Higher is the name to know.  Our tree experts will assess the damage and put together a plan to restore the damaged tree to health and beauty if possible, or recommend removal if restoration is not possible.  We will provide you with pricing for our recommended services, and schedule the work to be done, oftentimes the same day or next day, if necessary.  

We will then perform the necessary work, trimming and removing as needed, and clean your property so that it looks as if the storm never blew through. We will not only remove the damaged branches, but also downed limbs, leaves and sticks - any debris the storm left behind, so that your property will be able to be enjoyed once again, without all that work and worry on your part.
Emergency Service
Sometimes unexpected things happen - A surprise wind blows through and drops a limb on your roof, or maybe the neighbor's teenager was headed home a little too fast last night and crashed his truck into the pine tree in your front lawn and now the tree is laying in your living room.  Whatever the problem is, we are here to help, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Yes, you read that right - 24/7! Call us any time of the day or night if you have an emergency, and we will respond with a crew as quickly as possible to clean up the mess and set things right.
Stump Grinding
The tree is gone, but now there is a great big stump sticking up right in the middle of your lawn! You could turn it into a giant flower pot stand, or maybe a podium for giving speeches to the petunias, but who really wants to do that? Instead, let us remove it for you. We have the equipment available to grind out the stump, down below the ground, and even haul away the chips and fill the hole in if you wish, so that all you are left with is a patch of newly seeded lawn waiting to be mowed.  Most companies only grind your stump and leave you with the mess - its in the fine print - but we are happy to remove the mess so you don't have to, leaving your property as clean as it was when we started.
Commercial Snow Removal
Winter is coming, are you ready? If your answer is no, call us today.  We provide snow and ice management to commercial properties of many types, whether you have a convenience store or grocery, apartment complex or industrial park.  Our specialized equipment is ready to tackle your property and leave it clean and safe. Our staff is highly experienced, and has worked for the largest companies in the country, and always satisfies our customers no matter how much snow or ice may fall.  Let us take over your property and you will be glad you did!
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