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Professional Tree Care for Caring Tree Owners

Reaching Higher specializes in offering top quality tree care as well as excellent customer service.  We will provide the best possible care for your trees in accordance with all the current industry best practices.  In order to ensure you get the results you are expecting, our crews will communicate with you every step of the way.


Reaching Higher was founded with three main goals: Striving to reach higher levels of excellence in tree care by providing the best care possible for the trees we service. Reaching higher to offer exceptional customer service through better communication. And finally, giving our staff the opportunity to reach higher in their personal lives and careers by building each other up through teamwork and our strong, inclusive core values.

Reaching higher is a professional tree care company, or as many like to call us, a tree service.  We are not doctors, so we do not like to be called tree surgeons, although what we do could sometimes be considered tree surgery. We simply prefer the term arborist, which describes what we do in one word.  To better understand what we do in a few more words, read the descriptions below.
Restorative pruning is the method we use to restore, over time, your trees to their former health and beauty after they have been damaged, whether by a storm, improper pruning, or perhaps a careless motorist.
Trimming is what it sounds like, we will trim your trees to keep them healthy and beautiful, potentially raising your property values, and ensuring the health of your trees for years to come.
Sometimes a tree just has to come down, whether because it is unhealthy or dangerous, is in a bad location, or one of a number of other reasons.  We will remove your tree carefully and professionally, and ensure your property is as clean when we leave as  it was when we began.
Storms can do some major damage to your trees.  Broken and cracked limbs, split trunks, and sometimes the tree will even fall.  We can clean up the mess and prune the tree to restore it to its former beauty, or if necessary remove the tree entirely.
We have staff on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - Yes, 24/7! - to take care of your trees when there is an emergency. Dial our number and select Option 2 any time for emergencies.
Snow is beautiful, as long as it is not covering your parking lots and sidewalks. We have the skill and specialized equipment necessary to efficiently clean your property to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.
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